Offices in Bischofshofen

Offices in Bischofshofen

Office and interior design, Bischofshofen, Austria, 2020

Saller & Saller is a tax consultancy firm based in Bischofshofen (Austria).

When S&S contacted us, the main premise was to change the work environment, moving the focus towards the employees. Creating a hybrid space with a wide variety of spaces: for concentration, meeting, collaboration or relationship, while having a better work experience. 

Being in a small town, the office must be able to attract and retain talent by itself, capable of fostering social relations among the employees themselves not only through better work areas but also through informal meeting or relaxation areas. In short, a space that feels like home and where to develop a sense of pride and self-worth.

Sustainability was also an important premise. Bischofshofen is located in the middle of the Austrian Alps and within a community very aware in its relationship with the surrounding nature. Therefore, the materials used convey the essence of the place. Fir and oak wood, pressed sheep wool fabrics locally produced and lacquered panels in the corporate gray evoke the surrounding ladscapes and shape the identity of the company.

The offices are located on the first and second floor of a restored building. A structure of large concrete beams support the floor slabs without intermediate columns. To connect the two stories, the slabs are punctually demolished between these beams, generating double height spaces and housing the great staircase. The lower floor houses the reception, the large atrium, the main boardroom and open work spaces. On the upper floor are the concentration offices, meeting rooms and the canteen.